National Cancer Screening Programmes

Malignant diseases are among the leading public health problems in the Republic of Croatia.  These diseases are on the second place of the mortality scale, with a 27.9% (2014) share, and with a 14% (2014) share they are also the second cause of hospitalisations. Recognising the size of the problem, the Government of  the Republic of Croatia has adopted the National Breast Cancer Screening Programme in June 2006. The Programme is in accordance with the determinants of the National Strategy of the Development of Health 2006-2011, which also defines prevention and early detection of cancer. The National Colon Cancer Screening Programme was adopted in 2007 by the same principle, whereas National Cervical Cancer Screening Programme was adopted in July 2010.

The aim of preventive screening programmes is early detection, and reduction in morbidity and mortality of these cancer sites, improvement in the quality of life and the health of the entire Croatian population.

More on national cancer screening programmes can be found on the Department of National Adult Screening Programmes