International Day of Happiness

Happiness is a very pleasant emotion characterized by external manifestations of pleasure and joy.

It should be pointed out that a permanent feeling of happiness is not natural, nor is it imperative to feel happy all the time. Happiness is the least stable of emotions and we can expect to feel “less than happy” from time to time. What is important is learning to recognize and face unpleasant emotional states. While doing so, it is comforting to know that we can restore, again and again, that emotional balance after both intensely positive and intensely negative experiences, which, in fact, means that even though we cannot expect to feel happy all the time, we have the capacity to eventually recover from hardship and “tough” moments.

Permanent or general level of happiness is nearly equally affected by human capacity to actively change the world around us and, by extension, our feeling of happiness, as it is by our genetic code. It can thus be said that it takes more to be happy than just our gene pool or personal experience; equally important is what we do with it.

We can improve our level of pleasure and happiness by simple daily routines, particularly if it is something we love doing. Certain scientific findings and studies have shown what make us happy:

  • Learning new things

Try learning something new or rediscover and old hobby (music, dance, cooking, socializing, etc.)

  • Connecting with others

Take time to nurture supporting relationships and socializing with the people around you to help you feel  pleased and happy.

  • Taking time to noticing details around you

Be aware of the things around you and your experiences to open your mind.

  • Being physically active

Squeeze in a fun work-out into your busy daily schedule (walking, dancing, etc.) to reduce the level of stress and increase the level of energy, pleasure and happiness.

  • Returning a favour, helping others, paying attention, sharing and general kindness

Do something nice for someone, do charity work or just smile and say ‘Thank you’; It’s emotionally fulfilling and floods you with feelings of pleasure and happiness.

The UN celebrates the International Day of Happiness on 20 March to validate the significance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. By simple rescheduling, you can find a moment or two a day to nurture the pleasure and happiness within you.