The National Programme „Healthy Living“

Health and Education, Health and Physical Activity, Health and Nutrition, Health and Workplace, Health and the Environment

Decreased quality of life, most often lasting through the entire life, disability, early mortality and high expenses for the health system are the main characteristics of chronic non-communicable diseases which in developed countries of the world but also in the Republic of Croatia make up about a quarter of morbidity and mortality. A significant increase of morbidity and mortality in the last few decades come as a consequence of natural change in the population resulting in an increase of the share of older persons in total population, insufficient physical activity as a result of a sedentary way of life or work or too high of a workload, exposure to stress and habits that are harmful for one’s health.

The implementation of the National Programme “Healthy Living” started back in 2003 under the monitoring of the Ministry of Health and the Croatian Institute of Public Health. The Ministry of Health and the Croatian Institute of Public Health have in 2014 organized the continuation of the implementation of this programme which, through acting in the community, has a goal to inform, educate and raise awareness among the citizens of the Republic of Croatia of all ages on positive aspects of healthy lifestyles – healthy nutrition, physical activity, obesity prevention, decreasing overweight, decreasing morbidity from chronic non-communicable (cardiovascular diseases, tumors, type 2 diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mental illness). In the implementation of this National Programme intersectorial bodies, government authorities and other institutions also take part.

The programs and activities of the National Programme “Healthy Living” are focused towards the improvement of health of the entire population because acting on the local community level, they try to inform, educate and raise awareness of citizens of all ages on the positive aspects of healthy lifestyles. The five components of this programme that include various projects are: Health Education (Physical health: the project Polygons, 10-minute exercises, Recommended menus for elementary schools and high schools, Mental health, Sexual and reproductive health ), Health and Physical Activity, Health and Nutrition, Health and Workplace, Health and the Environment. The target populations of the National Programme are: children and youth, persons of middle and older age, generally – persons with heightened behavioral and biomedical risk factors.

The expected public health contributions of the National Programme “ Healthy Living” are: raising awareness of the citizens on the need for maintaining their health, modification of changeable unhealthy habits, decreasing the morbidity from chronic mass diseases and increasing the share of healthy citizens in total population of the Republic of Croatia.

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Manual: Polygon for Physical Activity of School Children