Croatian Health Statistics Yearbook 2016 – tabular data

Tabular data for 2016 (Excel files), September 2017

1. Population and Vital Events

2. Comparison of WHO ‘Health For All’ Selected Indicators 

3. Health Facilities and Health Personnel

4. Primary Health Care

5. Specialist Consultant and Other Services

6. Infectious Diseases, Immunization and Microbiology Diagnostics

7. Inpatient Health Care, Hospital Day Care, Day Care Surgery and Hospital Hemodialysis, Hospital Rehabilitation

8.  Childbirths and Abortions

9. Chronic Diseases Registries

10. Morbidity and Causes of Death in the Elderly Population

11. Environmental Health Service

12. Financial Health Care Indicators for Croatia in 2015 according to the System of Health Accounts Methodology

13. Medical Technology, Operation Rooms and Medical Procedures in Croatia in 2016

14. Beds in Intensified Care Units of Residential Long-term Care Facilities for Elderly and Disabled Persons and Facilities for Adults with Mental Health Problems

15. Indicators of Health Status and Use of Healthcare Services by Croatian War of Independence Veterans