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Begovac I

CROATIA. Financial sustainability of the GFATM HIV/AIDS project: the Croatian experience of increasing domestic resources: the result of synergy between the institutional health system and the social community. U: World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe. Compendium of good practices in the health sector response to HIV in the WHO European Region. [Interent]. Copenhagen: WHO. Regional Office for Europe; 2018. [pristupljeno: 02.02.2019.] Str. 89-90. Dostupno na: http://www.euro.who.int/en/publications/abstracts/compendium-of-good-practices-in-the-health-sector-response-to-hiv-in-the-who-european-region

Autori: Nemeth Blažić T, Kosanović Ličina, Jelavić ML, Jovović M, Begovac I, Skoko J, Poljak D
Godina: 2018