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Jankovic VK

Microbiological criteria in non-tuberculous mycobacteria pulmonary disease: a tool for diagnosis and epidemiology. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2016;20(7):934-40.

Autori: Jankovic M, Sabol I, Zmak L, Jankovic VK, Jakopovic M, Obrovac M, Tićac B, Bulat LK, Grle SP, Marekovic I, Samarzija M, van Ingen J
Godina: 2016

Nosocomial pseudo-outbreak of Mycobacterium gordonae associated with a hospital’s water supply contamination: a case series of 135 patients. J Water Health. 2015 Mar;13(1):125-30.

Autori: Zlojtro M, Jankovic M, Samarzija M, Zmak L, Jankovic VK, Obrovac M, Zlojtro I, Jakopovic M
Godina: 2015

Evaluation of xpert MTB/RIF assay for rapid molecular diagnosis of tuberculosis in a two-year period in croatia. Int J Mycobacteriol 2013; 2(3):179-82.

Autori: Zmak L, Jankovic M, Jankovic VK
Godina: 2013