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Meštrović T

A ‘pathogenic needle’ in a ‘commensal haystack’: Genetic virulence signatures of Corynebacterium glucuronolyticum that may drive its infectious propensity for the male urogenital system. Med Hypotheses. 2019;126:38-41.

Autori: Meštrović T, Wilson J, Ljubin-Sternak S, Sviben M, Bedenić B, Barać A, et al.
Godina: 2019

The value of systematic screening for Trichinella antibodies among individuals with eosinophilia in recognizing outbreak events: a seroprevalence study from Croatia. Ann Parasitol. 2019;65(2):177-189.

Autori: Sviben M, Meštrović T, Čičmak Smirnjak L
Godina: 2019