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Rossi S

Reasons for low cervical cancer survival in new accession European Union countries: a EUROCARE-5 study. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2019 Jan 1. doi.org/10.1007/s00404-019-05412-5 [Šekerija M]

Autori: Bielska-Lasota M, Rossi S, Krzyzak M, Haelens A, Domenic A, De Angelis R, et al.
Godina: 2019

Quality analysis of population-based information on cancer stage at diagnosis across Europe, with presentation of stage-specific cancer survival estimates: A EUROCARE-5 study. Eur J Cancer. 2017;84:335-53. [Šekerija M]

Autori: Minicozzi P, Innos K, Sanchez MJ, Trama A, Walsh PM, Marcos-Gragera R, Dimitrova N, Botta L, Visser O, Rossi S, Tavilla A, Sant M, EUROCARE-5 Working Group
Godina: 2017

(Šekerija M) On-going improvement and persistent differences in the survival for patients with colon and rectum cancer across Europe 1999-2007 – Results from the EUROCARE-5 study. European Journal of Cancer. 2015.

Autori: Holleczek B, Rossi S, Domenic A, Innos K, Minicozzi P, Francisci S
Godina: 2015

(Šekerija M) The EUROCARE-5 study on cancer survival in Europe 1999-2007: database, quality checks and statistical analysis methods. European Journal of Cancer. 2015.

Autori: Rossi S, Baili P, Capocaccia R, Caldora M, Carrani E, Minicozzi P
Godina: 2015