Health and Hygiene Certificates


The health examinations of persons subject to mandatory health surveillance, pursuant to the Act on the Protection of the Population Against Communicable Diseases (OG Nos. 79/07, 113/08, 43/09, 22/14 and 130/17), and the Ordinance on the method of performing health examinations of persons under health surveillance (OG Nos. 23/94, 93/00 and 116/18), are required for certain professions. The initial health examination of a new worker is the prerequisite for getting one’s Health and Hygiene Certificate before starting work, while periodic examinations are performed annually to renew the certificate during service.

As of January 1, 2019, a change was made to the dynamics of health examinations. Periodic health examinations are now performed once a year. The interpretations of the Ministry of Health have been made available in:

Document 1 

Document 2 

Depending on the profession, the health examination includes an epidemiological survey, examination of the lungs (physical examination of the lungs, X-ray as indicated), skin and visible mucous membranes, as well as a bacteriological and parasitological stool test.

The following professionals are subject to mandatory health surveillance:

  • Persons who work or participate in the production, distribution and serving of food, or supply of water for human consumption to the population; and persons who come into direct contact with food or water for human consumption at their workplaces;
  • Persons who work or participate in the production and distribution of cosmetic products, and persons who come into direct contact with cosmetic products at their workplaces;
  • Persons who work or participate in accommodation, care, and infant and preschool education jobs;
  • Persons who work in maternity and children’s wards of health care institutions;
  • Persons who work for legal entities, or freelancers, providing hygiene and care services to the public (public baths, “wellness” centres, beauty salons, barbershops, hair salons, massage salons, manicure / pedicure salons, etc.); as well as persons whose job is introducing dyes and foreign objects into the skin and mucous membranes; and
  • Persons suspected of being carriers of other communicable diseases, as indicated by an epidemiologist.

Persons who work in the production or distribution of foodstuffs are obliged to attend a health training to acquire basic knowledge about the safety of foodstuffs and personal hygiene (course on minimum hygiene requirements). For more information on the course, visit: Health course – Minimum hygiene requirements.

Heath examinations for issuing / extending your Health and Hygiene Certificate are carried out at the Epidemiology Clinic of the CIPH Division for Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases. The Clinic currently operates in the premises of the Microbiology Specimen Reception Clinic at Rockefellerova 7a, Zagreb. For a sanitary inspection, a prior order is required via e-mail at or phone number +385 1 6384 576 (workdays 9:00-12:00).

A stool sample is to be brought in a sterile specimen container, available from pharmacies. The container should have your name written on it.

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