Microbiology Specimen Reception Clinic – reception of patients and delivery of test results (findings)

Reception Clinic,
Microbiology Division, Rockefellerova 7, back building

Testing for SARS-COV-2, Rockefellerova 2, drive-in facility:

For information on SARS-COV-2 testing, visit here.

Opening hours of the Specimen Reception Clinic:

  • Specimens brought personally are accepted: on workdays 7:30-11:00.
  • Specimen collection at the Microbiology Clinic: prior appointment is required by phone: +385 1 4863 236 (workdays 11,00-14,00) or via e-mail: ambulanta@hzjz.hr
  • Tuberculosis diagnostic specimens are received at the Tuberculosis Department, Rockefellerova 2, 1st floor, workdays 8:00-12:00
  • Specimens for mycological diagnostic: prior appointment is required by phone: +385 1 4863 316 or via e-mail: mikologija@hzjz.hr  ; Appointment can also be made by your family doctor through the e-appointment system.

The exact location of the Microbiology Clinic (Rockefellerova 7, back building)

For the safety of the employees and other patients, unscheduled patients will not be admitted.

As of May 27, 2019, seminal fluid (ejaculate) specimens are no longer accepted for bacteriological diagnosis. For clarification and instructions on which specimens will replace the ejaculate specimens, visit here.

All referrals must be addressed to – ‘microbiology with parasitology’, activity code 3254 0000, and specimens must be labelled with the patient’s name and year of birth. Otherwise, the specimens will not be accepted or the required diagnostic test performed.

Patient instructions on collecting test results

The results of microbiological tests requested by a family doctor via e-referral (or the ‘red’ paper referral) will be sent back to the doctor electronically. A patient can also access them from Portal zdravlja (the Health Portal), on the e-Građani (e-Citizens) platform (security level 3).

All other microbiological findings can be collected in person, by somebody else on your behalf, or sent to you by e-mail.

Test results are issued to the patient in person only upon the presentation of a valid ID or health card, and a filled-out request form for the issuance of microbiological results. The form can be downloaded here  and submitted when collecting the results, delivered together with your specimen or sent to: ambulanta@hzjz.hr

If unable to personally collect your test results, you can have somebody else collect them, with your express consent, and only upon the presentation of their ID, your ID or health card and a stub of the authorization of a natural or legal person to collect microbiological test results on behalf of somebody else. The form can be downloaded here and submitted when collecting the results.

All forms are free of charge and also available at the point of delivery of test results.


Contact phone number for information on the opening hours of the Clinic (11:00-14:00): +385 1 4863 236

For more information contact us at: ambulanta@hzjz.hr