Programmes and Projects

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Bojana Raičković, MPsych

The Department for Programmes and Projects informs and provides professional assistance and support to the employees of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (CIPH) in the preparation and implementation of projects financed from national and international funds. The objective of the Department is successful preparation and implementation of projects in which CIPH participates through administrative and organisational support to project teams and their participants.

Specific activities of the Department for Programmes and Projects:

  • Informing CIPH employees about the announcement of new tenders;
  • Assistance in searching for project partners and coordinators;
  • Support in choosing project topics and financing instruments;
  • Coordination of activities and professional support to project managers in harmonising project proposals with national and CIPH strategies;
  • Analysing the compliance of projects and programmes with the strategic objectives of CIPH;
  • Provision of advisory support, and participation in administrative and financial preparation for and implementation of programmes and projects;
  • Participation in all preparatory and implementation activities in cooperation with CIPH divisions and departments, and all other external project stakeholders;
  • Monitoring and surveillance of assigned funds expenditure on project activities;
  • Keeping record of all submitted, received and completed projects, as well as periodical research, as part of the project proposal;
  • Drafting of internal reports on the status of project implementation; andSurveillance of public procurement procedures, as part of the implementation of programmes and projects, pursuant to legal regulations, internal procedures and international agreements.

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