Croatian Institute of Public Health is the leading public health institution in the Republic of Croatia and the region. The position and role of the Institute in our country’s health system and beyond compels us to pursue this vision of development. This is made possible by our experts, scientists and staff who are highly knowledgeable, competent and devoted to their work. The long history of the Croatian Institute of public Health has paved the way for shaping such vision of development.

Our primary mission is to enable clear and efficient recognition of current needs of the population in terms of public health, to anticipate future trends and to ensure the preconditions for their efficient management, aimed at the protection and improvement of the population’s health.

Croatian Institute of Public Health conducts activities in the fields of epidemiology of communicable diseases and chronic noncommunicable diseases, public health, health promotion and education, disease prevention, environmental health, microbiology, school medicine, mental health and addiction prevention. Good cooperation, coordination and partnership between stakeholders on a national, regional and local level  is essential for achieving the basic purpose of public health, which is protection and improvement of the population’s health. In that regard, the network of public health institutes led by our Institute has the central role. On the international level, the Institute cooperates with the World Health Organization and all other relevant international and European bodies, institutions and organisations.

For achieving the fundamental purpose of public health, it is essential to generally accept the health for all concept, to reduce health inequalities through all policies and sectors, and to view investing in health as the most rewarding investment for the growth and development of the society.

Genealogy of the Institute

The Institute was founded in 1893 under the name Royal Institute for the Production of Animal Vaccine Against Smallpox.

  • 1907. Royal Institute of Bacteriology and Hygiene
  • 1912. Royal Institute of Bacteriology
  • 1923. Institute of Epidemiology
  • 1926. Institute of Hygiene
  • 1926. Institute of Hygiene with School of Public Health
  • 1930. Zagreb Institute of Hygiene
  • 1939. Division for Hygiene Services
  • 1942. Institute of Health
  • 1946. Institute of Hygiene
  • 1951. Central Institute of Hygiene
  • 1961. Republic Institute of Health Protection
  • 1970. Health Protection Institute of FR Croatia
  • 1994. Croatian Institute of Public Health

Divisions that have become independent

  • 1940. PLIBAH (PLIVA)
  • 1942. City Hospital for Infectious Diseases (Hospital for Infectious Diseases “Dr. F. Mihaljević”)
  • 1956. Institute of Serology and Vaccines (Institute of Immunology)
  • 1956. Institute for the Control and Testing of Immunological Substances (Institute for the Control of Immuno-Biological Preparations)

List of the Institute’s Directors since 1893

1.     Adolf Fodor, M.D.

2.     Ljudevit Gutschy, M.D.

3.     Berislav Borčić Sr., M.D.

4.     Živko Prebeg, M.D.

5.     Eugen Nežić, M.D.

6.     Josip Rasuhin, M.D.

7.     Ivo Brodarec, M.D.

8.     Hinko Emili, M.D.

9.     Ante Hrabar, M.D.

10.   Mate Ljubičić

11.    Berislav Borčić Jr., M.D.

12.    Marija Strnad, M.D.

13.    Vlasta Hrabak Žerjavić, M.D.

14.    Marijan Erceg, M.D.

15.    Krunoslav Capak, M.D.

16.    Željko Baklaić, M.D.

17.    Tamara Poljičanin, M.D.

18.    Ranko Stevanović, M.D.

19.    Krunoslav Capak, M.D.