Division for Health Informatics and Biostatistics

Head of Division

Ivan Pristaš, PhD, MD,
Specialist in Public Health

The Division for Health Informatics and Biostatistics of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (CIPH) plans, elaborates and proposes a strategy for the use and development of the CIPH information resources and, upon strategy adoption, is responsible for strategy implementation at the CIPH level. In doing so, the Health Informatics and Biostatistics Division monitors and coordinates the available resources, equipment, expertise, practices, people and information technology capacities in a way that supports the overall strategy of the CIPH, the microstrategies of individual CIPH divisions, and the operational needs of the CIPH.

In its activities, the Division uses, and in support to the CIPH, promotes and coordinates the activities, in keeping with a coherent and transparent methodology, and set performance indicators, deadlines and expectations. The Division carries out the activities making sure that information resources are continuously upgraded, both when managing the national healthcare system, and when participating in EU integration, programmes and projects.


The mission of the Division for Health Informatics and Biostatistics is the optimal application of theory, expertise, techniques and practices related to information systems and resources within the public health systems of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.


The Division for Health Informatics and Biostatistics, as a facilitator and supporter of the building, standardisation, advancement, optimisation and synergy of the CIPH professional, business, administrative and operational affairs, will in the next five years create the prerequisites for the CIPH to become a core institution in the management of health information in the Republic of Croatia.

These prerequisites will be achieved by building competences in the advanced application and development of professional, organisational and analytical methodologies for the management and exploitation of information resources and systems, proactive user support and the selection and use of optimal technical solutions.


One of the key determinants of the Health Informatics Division is expertise and multidisciplinarity. The Division currently employs experts from various fields, such as medicine, social sciences, IT and business. All team members have acquired  expertise working on a number of medical, business, integration and IT projects.


  • Monitoring the compliance of projects with the CIPH development strategy and microstrategies of the CIPH Divisions;
  • Providing assistance in the planning and technical implementation of the National Public Health Information System (NPHIS) of the network of public health institutes using the state information infrastructure;
  • Establishing interoperability at the inter-institutional (Central Health Information System (CEZIH), health care institutions and state registries) and cross-border levels (EU eHealth projects);
  • Support to the design and operationalisation of research conducted by the CIPH (protocol, sampling, data management, analysis, interpretation);
  • Providing methodological guidance of research and operational performance of analytics on data for public health, scientific and managerial needs at the CIPH and with cooperating institutions;
  • Defining and keeping project documentation for all IT implementations;
  • Providing business and technical assistance at the level of the CIPH and individual projects;
  • Maintaining information resources for CIPH purposes and project activities;
  • Holding project management training in health informatics; and
  • Conducting regular audits of IT projects and business processes


Department for Health Informatics

Head of Department: Ivan Pristaš, PhD, MD
Specialist in Public Health
Tel.: +385 1 4863 237
E-mail: medicinska-informatika@hzjz.hr

  • Unit for Institutional Interoperability
  • Unit for International Interoperability

Department for System IT Support

Head of Department: Boris Barto, MEng. Sec.
Tel.: +385 1 48 63 370 / +385 1 4863 237 / +385 99 4683 010
E-mail: it@hzjz.hr

  • Unit for System Administration
  • Unit for End-user Support
  • Unit for Coordination of IT Activities
  • Unit for Network Administration

Department for Business Process Support

Head of Department: Pero Ivanko, MA (Soc)
Tel.: +385 1 2230 457 / +385 1 48633 64 / +385 1 4863 237
E-mail: registri@hzjz.hr

  • Unit for Application Solutions
  • Unit for Business Analysis and the Web
  • Unit for Databases

Department for Biostatistics

Head of Department: Tamara Poljičanin, PhD, MD,
Specialist in Epidemiology, Research advisor
Tel.: +385 1 4863 272 / +385 1 4863 237
E-mail: biostatistika@hzjz.hr