Division for Legal Affairs, Human Resources and Technical Affairs

The Division for Legal Affairs, Human Resources and Technical Affairs performs the following tasks on behalf of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (CIPH): monitoring of legislation and enforcement thereof, legal representation, human resources-related tasks, administrative affairs, tasks related to the CIPH vehicle fleet: service and maintenance, registration, repairs, records of travel worksheets by vehicle, mileage and fuel consumption; planning and organization of servicing and maintenance of facilities and equipment; planning, surveillance and keeping records of annual service validation and calibration of instruments; organization of disposal of municipal, technological and hazardous medical waste; running procedures and records related to environmental and fire protection; organization and surveillance of occupational safety measures, CIPH facilities and the environment, as well as other technical tasks.


Rockefellerova 7, Zagreb

CIPH registration in the Court Registry

Department for Legal and General Affairs

  • Unit for Legal Affairs
  • Unit for General Affairs

Department for Human Resources 

  • Unit for Employment Relationships
  • Unit for Employees’ Records

Department for Technical Affairs

  • Unit for Maintenance
  • Unit for Vehicles
  • Unit for Workplace Safety