Vaccination and consultations with a physician without a previous appointment at the CIPH

CIPH and Andrija Štampar School of Public Health, University of Zagreb School of Medicine, at Rockefellerova 12, are recontinuing the following activities:

  • Vaccination against COVID-19 ;
  • Vaccination against HPV for young people under the age of 25;
  • Vaccination against pneumococci, according to medical indications;
  • Consultations on other diseases that increase the risk of severe forms of COVID-19 and of pneumococcal disease;
  • Consultations on potential contraindications for vaccination; and
  • Consultations on HPV.

Vaccination is available on the following dates:

June 7, 2023, 4pm-6pm

July 5,  2023, 4pm-6pm

September 6,  2023, 4pm-6pm

The Pneumovax pneumococcal vaccine is recommended and free of charge for all persons over the age of two with the following medical indications:

  • functional or anatomical asplenia;
  • immunocompromised persons (due to an underlying disease or therapy the person is receiving); or
  • immunocompetent persons with chronic diseases of the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, diabetes mellitus, alcoholism, cochlear implants and conditions that lead to exposure of the cerebrospinal fluid to
  • infection / leakage.

Have you recovered from COVID-19, and are not sure if and when you should get vaccinated, and what vaccine to choose? Do you suffer from a disease that you think could be a contraindication for vaccination? Are you taking any medication? Have you received a first or second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and subsequently experienced discomfort that may or may not be vaccine-related, and are unsure whether you should receive a third dose and what vaccine to choose? A new protein-based vaccine has arrived in Croatia – is it a solution for you? Every three days, a woman dies from cervical cancer, so should you get vaccinated? You were not vaccinated against HPV in the 8th grade – is now a good time to do so? Arguments to get vaccinated against HPV for boys and for girls. Can you get vaccinated against COVID-19 and HPV at the same time (in a single visit)? Should you be vaccinated against pneumococcal disease?… These and other questions will be answered by an epidemiology specialist at the Croatian Institute of Public Health. Make sure to bring your medical records.

We kindly remind you that all vaccines against COVID-19 will be available at the specified vaccination site every Wednesday, where citizens can receive the first, second, third, or fourth dose of the vaccine.

Children aged 5 and older can also be vaccinated at this vaccination site, and their parents can request consultations before vaccination, also without a previous appointment or registration. Children should come for consultations and vaccinations accompanied by their parents.

Vaccination of young people against HPV at the above site, without previous appointment or registration, is supported by the recommendations of the University of Zagreb Health Care Committee of the Healthy University health promotion programme.