Programme and Project Management

Informacije o Odjelu / Projektu

Department for Programme and Project Management provides information and professional support to CIPH’s employees in the preparation and implementation of nationally and internationally funded projects. Its aim is to maintain the efficacy of preparation and implementation of CIPH projects by means of administrative and organisational support to project teams and members.

Specific activities include providing the CIPH employees with:

  • information on open calls for funding proposals
  • assistance in finding project partners and co-ordinators
  • support in selection of topic and financing instruments
  • assistance in co-ordinating activities
  • professional support to project leaders in harmonisation of project proposals with national and CIPH strategies
  • analyses of project and programme conformity to CIPH strategic goals
  • advisory support and assistance in administrative and financial aspects of project and programme preparation and implementation
  • support in realization of preparatory and implementing activities in co-operation with CIPH specialist services and other external project stakeholders
  • monitoring and surveillance of appropriations spending within realization of all project activities
  • record keeping for all registered, approved and completed projects and periodic research as parts of project proposals
  • internal reports on project implementation status
  • surveillance of public procurement procedures within programme and project implementations pursuant to  legal requirements, internal procedures and international agreements
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