PARENT – Cross-Border PAtient REgistries iNiTiative

  • The overall objective of the PARENT Joint Action is to support the EU Member States in developing comparable and interoperable patient registries in fields of identified importance (e.g. chronic diseases, medical technology) with the aim to rationalize the development and governance of patient registries, thus enabling analyses of secondary data for public health and research purposes in cross-border settings. To do so, we need to improve the ability of patient registries to share data as well as improve the process of feeding data to the registries from their primary sources, such as Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs).


  • The Joint Action objective is also to support the EU Member States in providing objective, reliable, timely, transparent, comparable and transferable information on the relative efficacy, as well as in the short-term and long-term effectiveness, of health technologies. This information should be effectively exchanged among the relevant national authorities or bodies. This will enable the rationalization of the Health Terminology Assessment (HTA) processes. It will avoid the duplication of assessments and increase availability and quality of previously localized patient registries data.
  • Start/End date: May 2, 2012 – May 2, 2015
  • Coordinator: National Institute of Public Health Slovenia
  • 10 Associated Partners