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World Water Day

Publish date: 23. March 2017.
Water is a common heritage, the value of which must be recognised by all. Everyone has the duty to use water carefully and economically (European Water Charter)

International Day of Happiness

Publish date: 23. March 2017.
It takes more to be happy than just our gene pool or personal experience - equally important is what we do with it

Conference Client in the Centre

Publish date: 14. March 2017.
The conference is dedicated to improving the health care of people with mental health problems

JA-CHRODIS Final Conference

Publish date: 1. March 2017.
Chronic noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) cause the death of 38 million people in the world every year and even 16% of...
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No Smoking Day

Publish date: 1. March 2017.
Ensure you and your loved ones have one day without tobacco smoke

Reemergence of measles in Croatia

Publish date: 23. February 2017.
After more than a year, measles reappeared in Croatia. CIPH has been informed by territorially competent public health institutes of...
children with malignant diseases

Childhood Cancer Days

Publish date: 15. February 2017.
15 February - International and National Childhood Cancer Day
safety testing

Safety testing

Publish date: 17. November 2016.
Data on drinking water safety in the Republic of Croatia

Microbiological testing

Publish date: 16. November 2016.
Microbiological diagnostics at the Croatian Institute of Public Health is carried out on three levels: Diagnostics of out-patient samples Diagnostics...

Walking Towards Health in the City of Zagreb

Publish date: 16. November 2016.
Public health activities “Walking Towards Health” and “Volunteers in Parks” were organized within the implementation of the National programme “Living...